Building for the future

Building for the future.  When you hear that phrase, what do you think of?  Investments?  Adding that extra bedroom to prepare for a future child?  I've followed Mike Rowe and his mikeroweWORKS Foundation for quite some time, and recently the foundation teamed up with This Old House to raise money for the scholarships that the foundation offers.  Why?  Mike and Norm explain it here

For many of the same reasons we have talked for many years about all of the positives of apprenticeship programs of old.  Most of what I know about carpentry I learned by working, essentially as an apprentice, under my father and brother, and others that I've worked with.  

Would you or somebody you know be interested in an apprenticeship?  I'd love to talk!  There is much to learn, but if you're willing to work hard there is good work to be done.  There is not much that compares to the feeling of finishing something that you built with your own hands.  Especially if it is built well enough to last for generations.

I'm glad to be a part of building (literally) for the future.  And I hope that more people will join me.